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Critical Essays

When a person says "critical" a person often thinks it has a negative meaning but this does not necessary hold true for a critical essay. A critical essay examines a topic, book, or article. It begins with a summary of the author's point of view. An evaluation of the work is next which includes the facts and then an evaluation of the work should be done. It is important to state your position but also to consider other positions that might be taken. Remember the critical essay is informative as it emphasizes facts about the literary works. Always use evidence to prove your point of view. Write a well-organized and well-structured essay. The conclusion should restate the title and the author and assert the point of view of the writer.

Sample paragraph of a critical essay of "Finding the Perfect Dog" written by Jon Katz.

"The peddling of Perfect Dogs amounts to a multibillion dollar business in the United States" (Katz 1). Most Americans love dogs while knowing very little about their dogs. Katz discusses how many people really do not know their dogs at all. He tells how some people barely have time to pet their dogs in the morning. The truth that Katz tells about pet owners is shown by asking several questions about owning pets and facts about how few people consider the cost of owning a pet. Katz gives serious questions most people should ask before obtaining a pet. Americans acquire their pets impulsively and later regret getting one. "Over thousands of dogs are abandoned each year" (Moore 1). Most Americans do not have the perfect dog, which can be seen by the number of pets abandoned each year. "Finding the Perfect Dog" written by Jon Katz is a remarkable work of writing that shows how few pet owners count the cost of pet ownership.

This is a short sample paragraph of a critical essay discussing the article by Jon Katz on "Finding the Perfect Dog." The writer shows she agrees with the point of view of Katz's and agrees with the article. The writer gives evidence of the article being true by quoting how thousands of pets are abandoned each year.

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