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The oil spill will inevitably spread over time and devastate turtle and bird stocks inland. One of the grim realities is that various species outside of marine species will suffer over time. For example, most marine biologists posit that turtles and wild birds will suffer in the future as the oil spill from a tragedy like what unfolded in the Gulf of Mexico starts to make its way inland ("Oil spill impact on wild life will be significant," 2010).

How to Clean Up the Mess

Were the leak plugged up, it might be a good idea to let microbes do the job of cleaning up the mess. The reality of the mess in the Gulf of Mexico is that it is one of those things that might be better left to Mother Nature – were it not for the fact that the flow of oil is still un-stanched. For example, oil is a biological product and can be degraded by microbes beneath and on the surface of the water. This is useful to know insofar as some of the detergents used in spill clean-ups are more toxic than the oil itself (Softpedia, 2010).

Using bio-remediation and absorbents is the other, and better, way of resolving the crisis. Many scholars believe that using microbes to break down the oil and using absorbents is better than using detergents because these can actually cause more damage in the long run and will slow down recovery (Softpedia, 2010).





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