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This is our Hot Topics section where we display new essays relating to the latest news or events. Each essay is custom written and 100% original so you can read and see our quality of writing. If you would like to have your own custom written paper, click here to have one written to meet your specific requirements and instructions.

On April 15, two bombs went off at the Boston marathon, killing three people and injuring more than 100. Large public events are notoriously difficult to secure. From a homeland security perspective, what additional steps should be taken to secure outdoor events in an urban setting? Is there a limit to what can be done? How do we balance cost against benefits? (5 pages, 3 sources, APA style)

Post-Boston Marathon Counterterrorist Strategies

For many communities, the most immediate benefit of video is increased safety on the front line. Video also can act as a crime deterrent and enable proactive policing, therefore playing a significant role in reducing crime rates, helping make the community safer. (Hutchens, 2013, para.1).

In this example of video surveillance, the mere presence of a video camera can act as a deterrent to a terrorist plot in an open area. More so, the DHS is able to provide federal monetary assistance to increase the level of protection against future bombs threats. The importance of adding more bomb-detection dogs enables police units to patrol long stretches of road and to proactively investigate suspicious terrorist bomb placement. Therefore, the city is able to decrease the threat of bombs being placed in open areas where people can congregate. The DHS could provide this aspect of terrorist monitoring as a crucial part of new programs that can prevent terrorist attacks from occurring like those found at the Boston Marathon.

In conclusion, the additional use of increased police presence, bomb-detecting dogs, and increased video surveillance are important and inexpensive ways for DHS to provide local law enforcement with the tools to prevent future attacks like those found at the Boston Marathon. The DHS's ability to fund counterterrorist operations in large cities, such as Boston, validates the use of larger policing units that can be implemented without budgetary strain for local and state law enforcement budgets. In addition to the physical presence of police officers, the increased use of bomb-detecting dogs is crucial to preventing future attacks in which a terrorists can place a bomb near a public landmark or an important street route. More so, the use of proactive video surveillance needs to be utilized in order to apprehend a terrorist in the act versus using video technology as a way to investigate events after the bombing occurs. The use of DHS funding and policing strategies illustrate the increased presence of policing units and video surveillance as cost-efficient programs that can prevent dangerous terrorist activity. These terrorist orientated strategies can support the more important fiscal and social aspects of citizen morale and public safety in major urban outdoor events.


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