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Descriptive essay on Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger

-- 2014-10-17
We’re reading Feng Menglong, and I have to write a descriptive essay on “Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger.” I’m supposed to look at the theme of the story. Can you help me with some pointers for how to find the theme of a story? Is it just what happens in the story?
-- 2014-10-17 
A theme is basically what the story is 'about.' However, there may be several themes in a single text. These themes can be reflected in a character's actions or manner of thinking, or they can be revealed through certain conflicts in a story. For example, one theme of _The Great Gatsby_ might be the decadent social life pursued by Jay Gatsby as it reflects or is related to his lack of moral feeling. This would be someone's interpretation of the book, but someone else might find different themes at work. The point is to look closely at the text and to find support for whatever themes you notice. In your assigned story, there are certainly some issues to explore with respect to the particular social view of women (Du Tenth) and ideas about class. How does she becoming resistant to her world, or in what ways does her tale illustrate a moral issue? This is just one way to proceed. I hope this helps you think through the story and discover a theme that will motivate your writing.

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