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Using the Toulmin Model to Write a Counter-Argument Essay

-- 2014-10-21
In my writing class, we have to write a counter-argument essay against an editorial from the newspaper. I’m supposed to use the Toulmin Model to do this. Can you explain to me how I’d use warrants in my paper? I don’t know how to fit those into my essay.
-- 2014-10-26 
This is a good question and it is one that other students have difficulty with as well. There is a kind of formula I use when writing papers of this kind that you may find helpful. The formula is as follows:

Claim, evidence, warrant/s, qualifier/s.

So, I articulate my main argument, provide evidence for the claim, provide the reader with an understanding of why my evidence supports the claim (referred to as a warrant), and articulate the limitations of my argument.

A warrant typically consists of a relatively simple sentence or two. For example, the following could be a warrant: "When measures of heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension decline, a person is generally becoming more comfortable.

Please let me know whether this is in any way helpful and whether there is anything else I can do to assist you.

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