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Psychology Comparative Essay

-- 2014-10-21
What are some good comparative and contrast essay topics for essays on psychology? I need to compare two psychological theories, but I don’t know which would be good to compare. Can you recommend some theories that might have at least three points I can compare?
-- 2014-10-23 
Piaget's cognitive theory and Bandura's Social Learning theory are two that would be good to compare. Piaget described learning as something that is achieved by stage, which is tied to development, or aging. Bandura, on the other hand, described learning as being achieved through role modeling. Piaget's cognitive theory discussed four stages that the individual goes through: sensorimotor, peroperational, concrete operational and formal operational, and each represent a different phase of thinking and learning. Therefore, he emphasizes that learning should be tailored according to the different developmental stage the child is in. Bandura's Social learning theory, on the other hand, emphasizes the environmental factors, and how the environmental context provides opportunities for learning. Therefore, whatever the child is exposed to, be it parents or peers or television, presents an opportunity for the child to imitate what he sees, and therefore, incorporate that behavior or response into how he sees and interprets the world.

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