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Cause and Effect Essay Outline

-- 2014-10-21
When doing cause and effect essay writing, is there a preferred way of organizing the paper to make it clear how the cause causes the effect? I’m writing about how globalization causes the loss of native languages, and I’m wondering if you could suggest an outline for a cause and effect essay on this topic.
-- 2014-10-24 
My suggestion would be to examine several areas of the world before and after globalization (or conquest as the case may be) to show a correlation between the spread of a few languages (English, Spanish) and the loss of native languages - in the Americas, Australia, etc.

A good book to check out is Jared Diamond's classic The Third Chimpanzee. He explains how human societies used to be fragmented into thousands of isolated tribes speaking totally unrelated languages. The only place like that today is the island of New Guinea with a population of only 10 million people but who speak 1,000 of the world's 6,000 surviving languages. Globalization has not impacted New Guinea or parts of Africa as much as the rest of the world. Consequently, these regions have a much greater diversity of languages than Europe, China, or the Americas.
Finally - look at Diamond's book Guns, Germs, and Steel. He goes into how Chinese swamped most of the native languages of East Asia much as Indo-European invaders extinguished the native languages of Western Europe except for the Basques in Spain.
It makes for interesting reading.

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