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Social Psychology Thesis Outline

-- 2014-10-27
I’m looking at some potential social psychology thesis topics, and I’m planning my thesis on children’s ability to encode and decode emotion in musical compositions. Could you suggest an outline for how I could approach this in a thesis?
-- 2015-01-10 
The approach would involve a study comprised by a sampling of children who would be exposed to various types of musical composition and their reaction or the emotional effect of the children throughout the different movements of the compositions recording their emotional response to the music in each segment of the various compositions and overall throughout all musical compositions to which the children are exposed in the study. You would need to set out a list of emotional responses for the children to check as their response and this could include the following emotional responses:

The music made me feel:

(1) happy and joyful
(2) hopeful
(3) sad
(4) lonely
(5) hopeless
(6) strong

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