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Political part essay writing help.

-- 2014-12-03
I’ve been assigned an essay topic in my political science class: “Why do we need political parties?” It’s a 2,500 word paper, and I have no idea where I should get this information, or how I should start and structure this type of essay.
-- 2014-12-27 
There are several ways to approach this paper. 1) Start with a short answer to the effect of - "people with similar ideologies and agendas band together to form political parties." These agendas/ideologies often reflect the socio-ecomonic status of their individual members. In parliamentary democracies, political parties are often classified as conservative or liberal; however smaller independent parties or single issue parties crop up frequently in smaller countries, for example Israel. 2) Alternatively, ground this paper in an historical perspective by tracing the development of political parties in a specific country - the U.S., England, Canada - the choice may be up to you or a parameter of the paper. 3) Start with the premise that politics is a fight over who gets what, when , and how. From this (cynical) perspective, political parties are simply tools that serve greedy (and usually wealthy) career politicians. If you have time/space you may want to note what happens when a single party amasses too much power - e.g. Nazi Germany in the 1930's, the Bolsheviks in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, etc.

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