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Biology essay thesis direction.

-- 2014-12-03
I’m writing an essay about neuroscience for my biology course - something to do with sleep, dreams and memory storage. I need some assistance developing a question and the direction in which I should take with my thesis. Any suggestions?
-- 2014-12-08 

What an interesting topic to study! There are so many directions you could go within this field, as well as within this specific line of inquiry. My first instinct was to explore the physiological and neurological underpinnings of various sleep interventions (e.g., pharmacological, meditation/yoga, CBT, etc…). Another direction you could go in the area of new pharmacological agents is the impact of marijuana on sleep, dreams and memory. With the increasing global legalization for both medical and recreational usage, this would be an incredibly important research topic over the next several decades. What are the short-term and long-term effects of marijuana on sleep quality, sleep duration, sleep stage entry, alpha waves, etc… The possibilities are endless, but hopefully that gets you thinking or looking up some interesting studies in this area.

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