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Watergate scandal research paper thesis.

-- 2014-12-03
I’m writing a research essay on President Nixon and the Watergate scandal, but I can’t seem to come up with a good thesis statement for this paper. I need to answer his question: “Did Nixon deserve to be removed from office for his role in the Watergate scandal?”
-- 2014-12-14 
The question ultimately comes down to your opinion. Did President Nixon know about the Watergate break in before it happened? Most historians believe he did. Did trying to cover up the Watergate scandal harm national security in any way? Not that anyone can tell. Were any lives lost as a result of Watergate? Again, the answer is no.
The pro-impeachment camp counters that Watergate was a symbol of presidential corruption and the culmination of years of misdeeds on the part of the Nixon administration. There is some truth to that argument; nonetheless if all Presidents were held to the same standard of conduct, Reagan and Bush should have been impeached for the Iran-Contra affair; Bill Clinton for accepting campaign donations from foreign lobbyists (a violation of campaign finance laws and arguably a breach of national security) ; George W Bush for launching the invasion of Iraq in 2003; and Barack Obama for trying to cover up an inept response to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya that cost the lives of 4 Americans. None of these presidents were impeached except Bill Clinton - and that was done as a publicity stunt designed to humiliate him and the Democratic party.

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