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Need a Topic to Describe

-- 2014-12-22
I have to write a descriptive essay, and I need descriptive essay topics about art. Can you recommend some topics for easy ways to write an art descriptive essay?
-- 2014-12-23 
A descriptive essay is quite simply an essay that provides a clear description on a topic. For example, you could write a descriptive essay on your favorite vacation spot, on the home in which you grew up in, on your grandmother's flowers, on the hiking trail you experienced last summer. A descriptive essay provides a clear and succulent description that makes the reader see, smell, and experience very closely to what you experienced enabled through your words and colorful detailed description. For example consider the following descriptive essay of walking along a river and discovering a uniquely formed piece of driftwood:

Last summer as I was walking along the river, I found a piece of driftwood. The river lapped and trickled merrily as the driftwood washed in toward the shore and back out again. The wood smelled musky and was wet and wrapped with a fishing line covering part of the length of the aged wood that had spent so much time in the water becoming formed into something that resembled a long fence post donned by saddle horns from one end to the other. As the water lapped against the shore the fish were seen jumping and turning the water while the fisherman sped by in their boats creating waves against the banks of the slow moving river so warm and so deep flowing through the valley where barges followed the deep channel carrying their cargo from place to place.

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