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Different College Essay Types

-- 2014-12-22
I’m new to college and haven’t had a lot of experience with essays. Could you explain to me some of the major types of essays in college?
-- 2014-12-23 
There are various types of essays in college. For example, the argumentative essay is the type of essay that presents various views of the subject matter and that serves to inform the reader so that they are intelligently informed of the matter being discussed. The persuasive essay is such that attempt to persuade the reader in regards to the viewpoint held by the writer. The research proposal is the type of essay that proposes research study in a certain area of inquiry. Research is both qualitative and quantitative in nature and involves review of literature that is peer-reviewed and academic in nature. Historical documentary writing is such that documents the historical development in some area of inquiry. Writing may include meta-analysis and synthesis of previous research which is a conglomeration of what is already known about a subject. Historical analysis involves examining the historical development of some area of inquiry. There are many types of research studies depending upon the area of inquiry, the focus of the research and the goals of the essay.

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