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Improving an Opening.

-- 2014-10-10
How can I improve my opening sentence for my paper on Wikileaks? “Wikileaks is a major website located on servers housed in various countries around the world, which publishes material that is considered classified by governments, very sensitive, or is otherwise not meant for the public to see.”
-- 2014-10-10 
Perhaps write something that will lead into an argument or issue in the essay rather than being purely descriptive.

For example (not knowing what your essay is about):

"Wikileaks, an organization that publishes sensitive and classified documents, continues to raise the question of free speech and ...."

Or something that again pushes the reader into an topic for real discussion. Hope that helps somewhat. Again, think about what your paper is ultimately about, i.e. 'the problem of deciding ___ in the case of Wikileaks'

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