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Persuasive essay on Increasing Healthcare Funding

-- 2014-10-16
How do you make a persuasive essay on increasing healthcare funding convincing? Could you give me some ideas for ways I could make the reader want to increase funding? What are some good topic sentences that are persuasive?
-- 2014-10-18 
Increasing funding for healthcare might be made more reasonable and cost-effective if the funding can be targeted towards preventative measures. If health care services were increased for preventative measures such as well-being checkups, vaccinations, health education classes, and other incentives with no co-pays or other costs required of the patient, that might prompt more consumers to take advantage of them and prevent more serious illnesses from developing down the road. Healthcare funding can also be used to develop mobile clinics that go to schools and the communities to be able to reach those populations who are hard to reach or do not have health insurance. These mobile clinics can also focus on vision and hearing checks, which may be less commonly conducted, or conduct tests for other common chronic diseases such as diabetes in order to detect them earlier. This might prove to be a good strategy to cut down on costs for urgent care clinics or hospital emergency rooms for people who resort to them for acute or later-stage illnesses.

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