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Persuasive essay on Legalization of Marijuana

-- 2014-10-16
Could you help me make the thesis for my persuasive essay on legalization of marijuana more persuasive? I want to say that the paper will talk about how it isn’t as bad as alcohol, it would bring in a lot of tax money, and it would reduce crime. But how do I make that into a thesis for persuasive essay and not a research paper?
-- 2014-10-17 
Well, it seems as if your strength lies in making an argument for greater state control over legalized cannabis insofar as there is a way to regulate the product (controlling quality?) and ensure that it is not a danger in the way that other drugs may be. That said, any claim of the sort will depend upon some sort of research or sources, so I would concentrate on the negative aspects of not regulating and how there would be a range of benefits from allowing it, citing perhaps evidence from Washington State or emphasizing the distinction between those drugs that have uses and those that are more or less recreational.

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