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A review essay can be formal or informal depending on the assignment of the instructor. The purpose of a review essay is to evaluate or express one's feelings about something. It is a person's evaluation of what he/she is reviewing. A review essay usually makes an argument about what they are reviewing. The opinions of the writer must show evidence as to his/her opinions about the work. The formality of the review is decided by whether it is an analysis, summary, or a person's reaction. A formal review shows merits and context about the review. Usually the instructor wants to know how you feel about a movie, a concert, a book, a piece of art, or a particular work. Two steps are needed in a review. First, the reviewer must develop an argument about what they are reviewing. Second, the reviewer must write an organized review. It should clearly state the opinion of the reviewer about the work and why the reviewer feels the way he/she does.

Sample Paragraph of a Review Essay:

The Presley's Concert is a work of musical art. This is a family of singers and musicians who bring to life a musical history of Branson. A beautiful young girl captures the audience as she brings musical ability and physical beauty to the stage. The night of the concert a young sixteen-year-old girl sang a couple of songs. She was new to the Presley's this year. Her voice is rich with a strength most young singers do not have. Her smile captured her audience. The beautiful white formal dress she wore made her look slim and tall. The audience in the concert fell in love with her from the moment she stepped on stage. As she continues in her career her audience will continue to appreciate the music and beauty of this young lady.

This is a sample paragraph of an informal review with the focus of the reviewer on the sixteen-year-old singer. The reviewer discusses her musical ability as well as physical beauty beginning with the introduction of a beautiful young girl that brings musical ability and beauty to the stage. The reviewer discusses the ability of the girl to sing better than most girls her age. The reviewer describes the dress she wears and the beauty it brings. The reviewer continues with the closing of how the musical ability and beauty will continue to be loved by the audience.

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