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What Is Involved in Writing a Thesis or Dissertation?

What Is Involved in Writing a Thesis/Dissertation?

A thesis or dissertation is a lengthy document reporting the results of original research undertaken by a candidate for an advanced degree. The thesis or dissertation typically includes sections devoted to the problem to be addressed, background on the issue, an exploration of methodology, the results of the research, an analysis of findings, and recommendations for future research. This is in line with the theoretical underpinnings of dissertations, which seek to make a unique and original contribution to knowledge.

The key to writing a thesis or dissertation is to understand that the actual writing process is the final step in a long process. By taking on this process step-by-step and staying on top of the research and writing process along the way, the student can greatly ease the difficulties associated with producing a book-length manuscript.

First, it is important to understand that the thesis or dissertation is intended to discuss, report, and defend original research conducted by the student. Therefore, the first step in writing a thesis or dissertation is to select a problem or issue that can generate significant original research. Following this, the student must prepare a thorough proposal that carefully explores the issue to be researched, the literature on that issue, and the methodology to be employed. Devoting time and attention to your writing at this stage will help you immensely during the final writing of the completed dissertation because much of what you produce for the proposal can be applied to the final thesis. Therefore, the more work you put in at this stage, the better positioned you'll be for the final dissertation.

Obviously, the single most important step in creating the thesis or dissertation is conducting the research. You need to do an impeccable job of conducting your original research and formulating your analysis and conclusions. Once you have done this, writing it up in the dissertation will be a breeze.

In other words, the dissertation or thesis is only as hard as you make it, and you can make it significantly easier by applying yourself and putting in the effort in the earliest stages so your final product will come together that much faster.

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