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Nickname:   Unknown

What single word best describes you?

How long have you been writing model term papers?
I have been writing for more years than I can count, and it only gets better with time!

What's your secret for writing model term papers on short deadlines?
Planning ahead helps get assignments done efficiently and is a skill that I hope shows through in my well-planned essays.

What advice would you give potential clients?
Be organized. Organization helps keep you on track, keeps the essays flowing, and lets you get through the day with ease.

What is the highest level of education you have achieved?
Degree and certification.

What is you most memorable experience writing a model term paper?
Seeing Asian students in the library writing their own papers after reading my model essays always puts a smile on my face because I know how hard immigrants must work to really adapt to a new culture.

What do you enjoy most about writing model term papers?
Most are like puzzles to be solved, and I love doing puzzles.

What do you like least about writing model term papers?
I most dislike the repetition of writing essays on similar topics time and again. I like the challenge of new and unexpected assignments.

What was the toughest model term paper you wrote, and why was it so tough?
My hardest paper was a social science paper because it was a combination of social theory, economics, and political science, three topics that I found challenging to integrate into a well-organized whole!

Tell us something we don't know about you in a paragraph.
I'm a neat-freak who loves organization and efficiency.

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