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          spill impact on wild life will be significant," 2010)

Section Heading: How to Clean Up the Mess

First Paragraph Topic Sentence: Were the leak plugged up, it might be a good idea to let microbes do the job of cleaning up the mess.

Paragraph Points:

  • Oil spill clean up is better left to Mother Nature. Use (Softpedia, 2010)

Second Paragraph Topic Sentence: Using bio-remediation and absorbents is the other, and better, way of resolving the crisis.

Paragraph Points:

  • Absorbents and natural microbes are the best method for cleaning up oil spills. Use (Softpedia, 2010)

Section Heading: Conclusion

The conclusion of this paper is that there are long-term and short term consequences to oil spills but that an effective way of reducing the damage is to use absorbents and natural microbes to reduce the oil slick. The alternative – using detergents – simply exacerbates the existing problem and does not help in the recovery effort.





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